• Well Developed, highly mechanized and Productive 540-acre Farm in Bisil, Kajiado County for Sale

Well Developed, highly mechanized and Productive 540-acre Farm in Bisil, Kajiado County for Sale

Off Maparasha Road


Kajiado, Upcountry Ref No: 977.1


Fully developed 540-acre river-ranch farm in Bisil for sale as a going concern. 400 acres of contoured land under top-quality Rhodes Grass, residential housing, hay barns, 128 acres of wildlife, 14.7 Km of solar electric fencing, airstrip, 10 hangars, fully-stocked aircraft-maintenance complex, heavy machinery, light machinery, 2 boreholes, river, 500,000L water storage, 70,000 bales of hay, etc.


Land Details

  • 540 acre ranch – 3 freehold titles.
  • Located in Il Bisil, 2.5km from Namanga Rd, on Maparasha Rd, only 100km from Nairobi.
  • 5,000 feet above sea level.
  • Mixed soil types - mostly red sandy loam plus black cotton.
  • 550 mm rainfall split into 2 rainy seasons

Land use – Rhodes Grass, Wildlife and Buildings

  • 400 acres cultivated, contoured, made up of 6 separate fields each with individually electrified fence and planted with high quality Rhodes Grass.
  • High quality Rhodes production of approx. 100 -150 bales per acre per harvest (2 or 3 harvests per year).
  • Rotational grass cultivation every 4-5 years.
  • Good farm roads.
  • 124 acres uncultivated bush, mostly along seasonal river, set aside for the wildlife.
  • Approx. 15 Acres under buildings.
  • Current stock approx. 70,000 Bales


  • 6.6 km (approx) of 13 strand electric perimeter fence.
  • 2.1 km (approx) of 8 strand electric perimeter fence. 
  • 6 km (approx) of 4 strand electric internal fence.
  • All powered by an elaborate Solar system.


  • KPLC runs along the farm on Mparasha Rd - there has been no need to connect.
  • Houses run on full Solar systems/solar water heaters + back-up generators.
  • Workshop powered by diesel generators.
  • Hanger complex powered by Solar + diesel generators.
  • Staff quarters all have solar power

Water harvesting and Storage

  • 2 boreholes each producing 2.5 cu mt/hr pumped by solar + 100,000lt storage tank.
  • Rainwater collection from houses & hangars  + 2 x 120,000lt,  1 x 100,000lt, 15,000lt storage tanks  (total storage = approx. 500,000 liters of water)
  • Water piped to houses, workshops & hangars.
  • A seasonal river that has the potential for a dam.

Airstrip, 10 hangars & Aviation Maintenance Complex

  • Grass airstrip 1,000 meters long
  • Aviation Complex (approx.3000 sqft).
    • Purpose-built facility as an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) approved by KCAA for the maintenance of light aircraft. (Licences not renewed).
    •  Hangar space for 10 aircraft.
    •  Offices  - Administration office, engineers office.
    • Stores - components store, bonded store, quarantine store.
    • Dark-room, Engine room, Comprehensive library.
    • Sheet metal workshop, compressor/battery room.
    • Fully equipped with tooling, machinery & equipment required for light aircraft maintenance.
    • Fuel storage and pump.
    • Power by solar & generator – single and 3 phase.
    •  Running water
  • 4 free-standing hangars in 1 block.
  • 1 hangar between 2 shipping containers (fuel storage).
  • 2 hangars between 3 shipping containers (storage).
  • 3 hangars in 1 block backed by Aviation Maintenance offices, workshops & stores.
  • Covered carport for 10 (vehicles and tractors)

Residential Houses

  • Farm House
    • 3-bedroom farmhouse facing Mparasha Hills.
    •  Verandah fronting a spring – wildlife viewing.
    • Swimming pool.
    • Lovely garden with  pond feature and mature trees.
    • Pool house and 1-bed cottage.
    • Office & store
    • Garage and workshop – tools  and machinery fully stocked.
    • Domestic staff houses.
    • Elaborate shaded kitchen garden.

  • Farm Workers Houses (concrete block construction)
    • Block 1 (1,400sqft) – 6 rooms
    • Block 2 (320sqft) – 2 rooms
    • Main Block – 13 rooms.
    • Entertainment/welfare facilities.
    • Separate washroom facilities for each block.
    • Solar-powered

  • Aircraft staff housing
    • Junior Staff Block (Approx. 140sq.meters) – for 6.
    • Senior staff/Guest house (100sqm) – 2 Bedroom  Bungalow – private compound.
    • Senior staff/Guest house  (60sqm) – 2 Bedroom  Bungalow
  • Hay Barn Storage
    • Open sided older barn – 15,000 bales.
    •  Open sided new barn – 30,000 bales.
    • Sheep houses.
    • Dip/crush & night paddocks.

Farm workshop compound (electric fenced)

  •  Grain stores.
  • Machinery shed
  • Spares stores
  • Workshops & stores with tooling & equipment.
  • Bulk diesel fuel storage.

Vehicles and Machinery Summary

  •  Vehicles – 3 Pickups.
  • Tractors – 5 of different capacities.
  • Heavy Farm Machinery eg. Combine harvesters, 2  graders, 2 harrows, 5 Mowers, Planter, Seed roller, 3 Sprayers, Trailers, 2 Fertilizer spreaders, Rakes, Balers, 3 water bowsers, 3 Ploughs.
  • Misc Machinery, grain winnower, cleaner, and dryers, etc.
  • Farm Workshop equipment, tools, and spares  - Various.
  • Concrete Equipment - 2 Concrete mixers, concrete vibrator,
  • 5 Generators,  etc.


  • 124 Acres of virgin bushland along the river.
  • Includes giraffe, ostrich, bushbuck, kudu, impala, Grants, Thomson's gazelle, steinbuck, dik-dik, warthog, striped hyena, spotted hyena, caracal, serval cat, mongoose, etc.

Warranty Clause

Please note that all the above information has been provided by Ryden International Ltd in good faith. We endeavour to make our details accurate and reliable, but they should not be relied on as statements or representations of fact and they do not constitute any part of an offer or contract. Any measurements are given as a guide only and any mention of appliances or services does not imply that they are in full and efficient working order. It should not be assumed that any contents, furnishings or other items shown in photographs are included in the sale. Prospective purchasers and tenants should make their own investigations before finalizing any agreement to purchase or lease. The owner does not give any warranty of particulars of the property herein and we have no authority to do so on their behalf.