Ryden International offers consultancy services on property matters in Kenya, principally aimed at landowners seeking to maximise the potential of their property assets. We utilise our knowledge of the local market to help clients achieve their goals. In the rural environment, we can advise on the sustainable development of ecologically important areas where balancing economic and conservation orientated objectives may be critical.

An important element of the consultancy brief is often the putting together of the right team for a particular project - e.g. land surveyor, architect, lawyer; and in identifying sources of finance. In summary, we see our role as putting ideas into action.

Typical examples of Ryden International's work in this area are as follows:

Case Study 1: Land development, Nakuru.

In this case, a client owned a small farm on the outskirts of Nakuru. Ryden International were engaged to advise on the best method of maximising the sale potential of the land. Following a site visit and local investigations, we determined that the break-up value far exceeded the value of the property sold as a whole, and provided a report setting out a proposed sub-division scheme to create over 200 one eight acre plots for sale to low/middle income investors. The plan included a full budget identifying the steps required and costs involved, with recommendations on the professional team necessary. The proposal was adopted by the client, and handed to Ryden to implement; the scheme is now at an advanced stage; the anticipated result is a net gain to the client more that double the predicted sale value of the farm as a whole.

Case Study 2: Laikipia

Our client, a major landowner, approached us with a brief to generate capital and income from their property subject to tight ecological constraints; the property being of extremely high wildlife interest. Ryden's proposed solution was an environmentally friendly housing project utilising land that had little current conservation value, but which with suitable care in the design process, could accommodate 60 houses screened by natural bush, with the wildlife interest enhanced by the incorporation of artificially constructed waterholes. Ryden's research identified significant untapped demand for holiday homes in the specific location. The report identified the professional team who could make the plan a reality, and sources of finance. The proposal was adopted and is now going forward, with buyers identified for the entire first phase of the housing development such that 100% are likely to be sold off-plan.

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